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"Is there anything else you want to know" -answer this:

Sometimes in interview one party asks:

Is there anything else you want to know?

If you answer "no", it can make you come across like you don't have enough question, like you're not vetting and screening enough.
It could make you lose value.

Also, if they wanted to add something and you say "no", it can frustrate them -and you'll never know about it-.

Instead, reply something like this:

You: Thanks, if I had more questions, I'd have asked. You replied very exhaustively to what I wanted to know


You: So far I asked my top priority questions. Let me think about what we talked about today, and later on we can dig deeper.

This is one is good because it use the opportunity to frame yourself as the chooser, and them still having to provide you with good answers for you to consider them.

Also simple and a favorite of mine:

You: Is there anything else I should know?

This one is a little one up.

Depending on how the interview went, the question "is there anything else you want to know" is tricky because it can frame you as potentially not having asked enough -or having asked too much, depends on the interview-.

This last question instead turns the table on them.
It's an ever-so-slight frame that says "have you told me all... Or are you hiding something (to get me on board)"?

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