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Jerome: Calibrating Power With Naturally Dominant Individuals

Power sometimes is negotiated without power moves.

But simply through "baseline behavior".

Another example from Family Guy:

Quagmire: (says something that sounds like a joke)
Jerome: (with deep, flat voice) that's funny. You funny (labels him) pointy man (gives him a nickname, dominant power move)
Quagmire: yeah (higher pitch voice, nervous laughter), I joke around a lot (falls into Jerome's frame)

Jerome is portrayed as the stereotypical "alpha male" with a deep voice, slow movement, and conviction-based frame control.
Jerome slips in some power moves in there.
But even if Jerome had no power moves, he'd end up above Quagmire simply because of the different power baseline.
Quagmire could end up disempowered vis-a-vis unless he adapts. For example, he could slow down his talk, talk at a lower pitch, be more grounded and less reactive.

Most of all, he should avoid any submissive signals -his laughter- and following -accepting Jerome's frame-.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I was finding clips of Richard La Ruina when he sounds more dominant because he usually doesn't sound dominant.
He does come across with an overall solid frame though.

For example,

Richard: And they can talk about these girly things

I believe the issue is that he inflects upwards upon the stressed words without going back down.
He goes from his baseline frequency to a higher pitch.

I managed to found a short segment where he sounds higher power:

Richard: The girl should always be accepted into the interaction

Here the pattern of inflection is different:

He starts on a higher pitch on the primary stress and drops the pitch from there.

With Richard's baseline power behaviour, I think that's why he ended up looking submissive on the interview we discussed a while ago:

I think when going into a potentially confrontational interview, one should calibrate one's baseline power behaviour.
Reduce friendly signals and do the other things that you mentioned above.

Alpha Male Strategies sounds a lot more dominant than Richard La Ruina:

He comes across a man who would not be grilled at interviews.
He does sound like he would invite the interviewer to go to his house rather than going to the interviewer's studio.

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