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Johnny Depp manipulates court to beat Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is winning the case.

Or, at the very least, he's winning the case in people's hearts.

He played his depositions really well:

Depp: And she came (frame of her chasing him to harass him) banging on the door, banging on the door (frames her as violently insisting) I didn't answer I was in the shower I couldn't deal with it (the poor guy at the end of his wits frame) I didn't want to deal with any more of that sarcastic demeaning aggressive violent toxic spew (the frame of the woman who gets under the man's skin by virtue of her mean-spirited superior verbal skills)

From his point, all of that might be true.
But to be effective, you still must convey your point of view across well, and he does it to perfection.

I guess being an actor pays in court.

Little later, the new frame is that her, physically not able to open the door, resorts to sneaky, manipulative tactics to still hurt him:

Depp: (after the description of Amber faking an injury to get him to open the door) she kicked the bathroom door into my head and uh I was, I was completely taken aback by such a, a... (pause for emphasis), corrosive, horrific move

I know nothing about this story, and the title is purposefully provocative and purposefully counter-public consensus.

But it feels to be a "typical" case of crazy, anxious, potentially borderline personality disorder woman with an avoidant man (also see: anxious-avoidant trap).

The worst combo because his moving away is torture for her, pushes all her buttons, makes her crazy.

With the added complication that he was also crazy and addictive.

This is not to justify her, and it's entirely possible, maybe even likely, that she's also Machiavellian and manipulative -all those recordings certainly aren't exactly innocent-.

However, while there truly doesn't seem to be any "good" or "winner" here, Johnny Depp is winning.
Depp is managing to frame this case as:

  1. Him as a good-hearted man victim of abuse, manipulation, and extortion
  2. Amber as the conniving, Machiavellian, calculative, emotionless and mean woman who sought to take advantage of such a poor good man
  3. Male rights hero to bring to public attention the case of male victims of abuse, how men always lose in court against women, how men's hitting is taboo but women's hitting is OK (supposedly), how women outplay men, etc. etc.

There might be enough truth in all of those points.
And it's probably a good thing to bring into public awareness the role of domestic violence as something that also women are, at least sometimes, guilty and co-creators of.

It's the shades of grey and humanity that get lost.
In many ways, they were both, at the same time, victims and abusers.
And, as usual, everyone loses in toxic relationships.

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John FreemanAlex
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks for this post. Great analysis. Agreed 100%.

I’ve followed a bit their trial.

I would like to add that it’s quite possible he’s also BPD (and even if only slightly and functioning). We’ve seen many of his texts. When I read them it reminded me of a BPD patient.

Long texts with many exclamation points. Superlative: “you’re my best friend. You’re my soul mate” to his friends. A long text apologizing to his father in law with tons of exclamation points. Over-the-top expression of love.

I think he has a disorder of relationships.

BPD people are: “close and it’s too close”, “far and it’s too far”. They fuse too much and when it’s overwhelming it becomes too much for them. It’s a painful dance. They cannot be reassured or find the right distance.

That being said he could also be avoidant or anxious-avoidant.

Whatever it is they seem to have both several compounding mental and emotional health issues.

Otherwise we would not witness this circus: 50M here, 100 M there. This is crazy people in action.

That being said the loss of 50M for him in reputation could be an accurate number knowing he’s paid several millions for each movie. He surely lost a few contracts due to this.

It’s a study in psychology. However I’m being careful not to get too much sucked into it.

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Lucio BuffalmanoAlex

Yes, great observations, John.

Quote from John Freeman on April 27, 2022, 7:47 pm

It’s a study in psychology. However I’m being careful not to get too much sucked into it.

Yes to both of them :).

It's both very helpful to learn, and a potential trap if you get dragged down in the rumors and speculations mill.

Actually, a surprise and potentially great way out of this for both of them would be to make a movie together on their relationship and frame it as "raising awareness of psychological issues and toxic dynamics you want to avoid".

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?