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Jordan Peterson: A Male Chauvinist? Freudian slip (educated women are annoying)

One of the reasons JP is so successful is because he manages to escape labels.

(Besides the fact he's what you technically could label a "genius" and very worth listening to, of course).

And, albeit he appeals mostly to the right/conservatives, he also drew largely from the center and from the non-politicals as he managed to appear as the "voice of reason beyond and above any affiliation" (edit: which, in part, he is).

Jordan Peterson misogynist quote

So it was crucial to him to fight and avoid any label associated with the right, such as:

  • Religious
  • Conservative
  • Moralist
  • Capitalist
  • Male chauvinist

About the last, an interesting "joke" he recently dropped -or slipped-:

(talking about population growth / control)

Jordan Peterson: all you have to do is educate women and that's the end of that problem. Then you also have educated women, and we know that's very annoying, it seems to be (laughs at his own joke, and, tellingly, nobody laughs in the audience: this was a university, so a major strategic mistake to drop that joke there)

Why would an educated woman be annoying?

I for one prefer educated women.
Especially for longer-term, I have a  slighter preference for a woman with a master's degree, as that says several good things about her (but master comes after general intellectual abilities, of which it's only an indicator).

JP wasn't really and directly referring to "education level" or intelligence, though.
He was talking about the consequences educated women have on society.

JP has a "thing" about empowered women because he's a conservative

I don't think JP is a misogynist.

Not at all.

As a matter of fact, he's a guy for win-win, same as TPM's approach.


He's also (deeply) conservative.

And educated women are a threat to conservatives (and lower value men) because educated women are less likely to fit the conservative's preference of the "stay at home, good wife who fully submits and defers to the husband".

To be precise, educated and smart women will still largely submit and defer to a higher power man -which is why most liberal high-value men don't mind or even prefer empowered women-.

However, that's where the issue arises: educated women demand even more educated, smarter, more successful, and higher-power men to fully submit or "stay at home".

And, society-wide, that's an issue for conservatives.
Conservatives (secretly) want a society based on religious and conservative ideals of families and submissives wives.
But not all men can be higher-power to the point where mass-educated women want to submit to them (which is what we're seeing in the last few decades).
So you end up with societies where women aren't that willing to submit, commit, and stay home, and conservative families with men at the helm and submissive stay-at-home wives become rarer.

Hence, there is a small recess in conservatives like JP who secretly long for the old days of clueless, naive, disempowered women.

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This is one of the reasons why JP mostly appeals to men, by the way.

JP's vision and worldview is far more flattering to men, than to women.

Many women (subconsciously) feel that his message is not very welcoming towards them.
Or, as well, that it has a back-handed serving that demands their loss of power.

The ones who are most bothered by him of course are the feminists and the feminist-leaning, since they are the most power-craving and resent the most the "stay at home" covert bent (plus, as well, who often have a hidden misandrist streak).
As a matter of fact, this is a good test: the women who are "meh" and barely know who JP is are good to date. The ones who like him a lot are the most likely to be conservatives themselves and/or want to submit and support a man. And the ones who dislike him the most are a red flag.

However, none of the feminists were able to bring that fight to him because they failed to see this deeper dynamic (plus, because JP is so smart and strategic in defending).
JP is not a woman's hater, so they all failed to bring up a smoking gun. He's just your garden variety of conservative, "benevolent" man whose preference to dating is "you stay at home, woman, be good and submissive, and I take care of you".

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