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Kind robbers are better than everyday SOB: it's about character, not stations in life

I had to reflect on something watching this video:

Robber: (enters the store to rob it at gunpoint)
Woman: (pulls out her own gun, shoots armed robber mortally)
Robber: (still with enough strength left, the robber decides not to shoot back)

Now we can't be sure that in this specific case it wasn't a toy gun, or that he didn't even have enough strength to pull a trigger (but I doubt that).

But in general, to me, people's character is more important than what they're doing in life, since generally good people can end up in some fucked up lives, while truly bad people can hide behind the cover of a legitimate, even high-status job.

This robber, to me, is a better person than many daily POS with a legitimate job that we end up discussing on this forum.

Take John's former friend for example whom they recently purged from the group.
He's not a robber because he is smarter and more Machiavellian, so he doesn't need to rob. But in my mind, I give it very good chances that he's a worse person than the robber in this video. Maybe even far worse.

And now, a shocker:

In a desert island, I wouldn't have many qualms in getting rid forever of a guy like John's former friend (value takers are far more dangerous to others in smaller communities with fewer resources to go around).
And yet, I was saddened by what happened to that robber above, and felt really bad for him. I felt it was a good person who died.

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