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Landmark forum

Hello guys,

has any of you did the Landmark Forum?

A friend of mine recommended it and I found this article from the Guardian on it.

In my case, it’s true that I still carry hurt from past relationships.

What do you think?

I know little about it.

But I once randomly met a gal who had just joined that organization, and I ended up going to one of their meetings -and leaving soon after-.
Didn't make a good impression, slightly cult-like.
It gave me the same impression that some of the people I've met who were just starting into multi-level marketing and/or pick-up gave me: lots of self-help "you can do it" pep talk, but in a "lots of smoke, little meat" kind of way, and with a creepy edge to it.

Edit: but it just me of course, or because of the limited experience.
I also recommend looking into Ellis' REBT for past pain. He basically says that a lot of people get caught up on that "past pain" -some of which can be perfectly normal, by the way- and fail to realize that:

  1. they contributed to it
  2. they keep contributing to it when they think the past relationships still pain them
  3. they keep contributing to it when they fall for the same self-harming thought patterns
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

That’s the mistake I’m doing: keeping the pain alive. I’m currently working on letting it all go.

Thanks for your opinion. I trust it. It’s like transcendal meditation: I’ve been to a free seminar. It’s a scam.

Basically you pay 1000-2000 euros to learn to meditate by repeating a mantra (of your choice!!!). Just because celebrities got scammed before does not make it valuable.