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Lateness on TSS's birth: an apology

Hi everyone,

Most (if not all) of the people reading this are probably going to feel like an apology isn't necessary.

But, I feel like one is in order.

We're closer than ever to publishing now and I'm honored to be a part of this journey with Lucio. I'm really excited to bring this book to everyone here. (Especially, since you're getting more than what's in PU, you're also getting personal stories and anecdotes that help tie the book together.)

However, I've allowed unexpected events to throw me off course for far longer than they should have and I prioritized my tasks irresponsibly balancing TSS with work I maybe should have walked away from sooner.

These are (debatably) legitimate reasons for the book's lateness, but I'm not a fan of having wanted to bring this to you sooner and ending up past the (unofficial) deadline I set for myself.

So, I hope you guys can bear with me and wait a little bit longer. I just got the book back from the last team to work on it and after I make sure everything looks good (without rushing things out of self-guilt now), it'll be in your hands before you know it.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Thank you for the update, Ali.

I think all in all, this still went super fast -also considering the high quality of production-.

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Ali Scarlett
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