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How to handle nurses who shirk their job and take advantage of my high work ethics?

Hello again all,

Here's another situational analysis;

In the lead role I was in last night, my job is to place patients in rooms, amongst other responsibilities. Then the other nurses are supposed to go in an assess them.

I often give value by working hard. So last night I was not just sitting down and placing people. I was in it, and helping the nurses with assessments.

Towards the end of the night, I suppose the other nurses were getting the feeling that I was doing most of the work. And after I placed them in rooms, they were just idly chatting with each other.

How do you deal best when you have to tell them to go in and assess people?

Here's how I handled it:

- I helped them with one patient (so I'm adding value), and I also taught them something new (how to do peak flow assessment). And I asked them to go into that new person's room, and assess them.

My question is how do you deal with situations where they start to expect me to do the assessments based on the way the night's been going and my giving nature? Like one nurse she gave me medications and sat back down. That's like saying okay here's the medication, you go do the assessment.

Thank you all,


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