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Learning New Languages(Strategies Discussion)

I recently stumbled upon MIA (Massive Immersion Approach).In essence the strategy is to first immerse yourself in your selected languages (consuming content e.g. Tv shows, podcast, YT, etc.) Then also limit pronunciation at the early stages to prevent future mistakes that might be harder to fix later on. Henceforth the idea that you can convert your inputs into outputs(speaking) at a later stage but then realise if it's right or wrong  due to your acquisition(consumption of content) of your selected language. Though credits to this site as it provided more insight in detail.

So what to do you guys think? Feel free to share any other strategies.

P.S:I'm new to learning a second language and have yet to try this method.

Yeah, at least on paper it sounds like it could be the fastest/most effective way to go.

The question I'd wonder though if it makes for you to undertake such a project.

For sure it'll add value to your life, but the question is if something else could add as much -or more- value.

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Yeah, I think that it would be a bit hard to optimise at the beginning since I have little data points. I think in this case it would be better for me to start and experiment what works best for me personally later on after practice given a set time frame. I'll update this forum maybe after a year or less and see how the MIA approach goes.