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Luccio and Personal Consultations


I was wondering if personal consults are a part of Luccio's services. I don't see it in the main website on the outset.

I get the impression that you most likely focus your time on the work you do for your website. But I can't rule out the possibility.


Kind regards,




Hey John,

Yeah, I'm not doing coaching / personal consultations right now.

The difference is that:

  1. The forum provides more freedom of time and choice -the choice of which topics to spend time on-.
  2. The open conversation that a forum thread can generate also provides more input to expand the field of power dynamics, and refine the existing strategies & techniques.

Maybe sometime in the future though, but it would still be a limited thing and only taking one or max two at a time.

P.S.: It's Lucio, one "c". But you're not the first one to think it's two "c". I wonder how come some people think I'd misspell my own name. I've never met anyone with "Luccio" as a name, but I just googled it and there is a wine called "Luccio", maybe that's where it comes from :).

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Oh, how did I miss that? I'm sorry Lucio!
Understandable regarding the personal consultation, and I appreciate you explaining your reasoning sir.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and happy learnings,


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Lucio Buffalmano