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Machiavellianism PU lesson unlocks after 31 days

Recently I had a case of a refund from someone who went through the vast majority of the lessons and the quizzes as well.

That sounds like gaming the system, so to make the system more game-proof, now the Machiavellianism lesson unlocks after 31 days.

I think it's a good compromise since the lesson is in the bonus section so most legit users won't even reach it within 31 days.
But it's a very valuable lesson so it withholds a lot of value from those who wanted to game the system -plus it contains quite a few examples from my own life, and there will be even more going forward, and I'd rather keep those for the serious users-.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

What about calculating the refund amount based on the percentage left untouched?

80% left untouched
=> refund = 80% x price of Power University

People pay for what they open and read.

But maybe one could put 5% of the course to be completely refundable for generosity.

As a rule of thumb, simple solutions are preferable.
And that approach would not account for people who open the lesson but don't read it, or only skim them.
The refund is theoretically there for people who won't vibe or don't gain from the course, so they should be free to at least open the lessons.

That case stood out because you usually don't go through as many lessons as he did -and all of them in selected modules- plus finish all quizzes and then say "it wasn't for me". You realize it earlier.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?