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Male sexual derogation tactics (how men fight the sexual verbal war)

This is a spin-off of the bigger article "sexual conflict".

It explains how men derogate other males to win female favors.

Sexual Derogation of Men VS Men

Derogation tactics refer to the verbal warfare of sexual conflict.

It includes rumor spreading, backhanded compliments, criticism and also debating.

Men fighting with derogation want to tarnish the opponents' most attractive traits.
In men, this often means to imply that the opponen it:

  • Not as intelligent
  • Not very successful/experienced
  • Unable to achieve personal success

Sexual derogation, in a way, is just another form of social climbing.
It says "I am a better mate than this other guy".

Derogating His Sexual Experience: When I Fell For It

I still remember the look on a woman's face, many years ago.

An attractive guy had come out for the first time to one our favorite clubs, and I was talking to an attractive female of the group.
Shamefully, I made a joke about that guy "not even knowing what the most popular club in town was".

My aim was to position him as uncool, boring and "not cool enough to be part of our group".

I'll never forget what followed.
She paused, cocked her head, looked me sternly and said:

Her: You're cool enough that you really don't need to do that

Of course, she added "cool enough" because she was socially light years ahead of me. But what she really wanted to say was "you just lost a lot of points, stop being a dickhead".

I cherished that lesson.

Derogation Delinks Success From Personal Qualities

The most interesting part of male derogation is to delink the opponent's success with personal qualities.

The reason why men drop thousands in a night club is to show off their success and resources.
Success and resources are great per se, sure, but success also signals personal qualities, and if a man can delink another man's success from his personal qualities, then the derogation his successful.

A woman doesn't just want a wealthy man or a muscular man.
A woman prefer a man who has the personal traits -and genes- that would help his children achieve the same level of success.

When an opponent can delink success from personal traits, than he truly makes that other man much less appealing.

How does it look in real life?

Like this:

He is spending his daddy's money = it's not in his genes to acquire wealth

Or when you watch YB videos of rich men in exotic destination you often get this:

Partying with the money laundered and stolen from us = he's a cheat, he only won by cheating the system, no good genes

The same goes for sports.

Sports are nothing but a controlled environment where men can advertise their fitness.
If everyone obeys the rules, then sports can be a good environment to advertise "genetical superiority" or, at least, general fitness.

And that's why men are so hung up on cheating.
A man who cheats is undermining the link between results and fitness indicators.

Men accusing others of cheating, which they always do, is basically saying that his results are not being good indicators

A male model wrote an article on this website about the power of being jacked.
And that's the comment it got:

male derogation tactic example

That's basically saying: it's not his real physique, he cheated, it's not "natural", great body is not in his genes.

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