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Manipulative reframing: Ben owns Rollo Tomassi

Charlie: (refutes Rollo's theory)
Rollo: Let me tell you why (teacher's frame schooling the pupils) that kinda of (takes some of the edge off) offends your sensibilities here okay (manipulative reframing), because if your sexual strategy is to put all your eggs in one basket, to be monogamous...

Rollo frames Charlie and Ben as offended, rather than rationally disagreeing on the basis of the more powerful logic, science and/or experience.

That's a manipulative reframe.

But it's too obvious, so that type of reframe will most often fail with more advanced social strategists -or even moderately skilled ones-.

Then Rollo goes on to assume that the two are defensive because they chose to date monogamously.
From the manipulator point of view, that was a mistake.
The assumption is very easy to refute in case he's wrong, which then leaves him with nowhere to go.

And that's exactly what Ben does:

Ben: No, I was non-monogamous for 10 years and I definitely have a floor (shakes his head "no", then goes on to turn it on Rollo and prove that he also had a floor)

Then Ben goes on to press Rollo to the point where Rollo accepts his frame of "outliers".
Rollo admits that he's talking about outliers here, rather than general rules applicable to all men -which was he had started from-.

Ben is a beast :).

Charlie is a better speaker / talker.
But Ben is better at living and embodying the social skills that they themselves teach (plus many of the power dynamics stuff we learn here).

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