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Michael B. Jordan "Confronts" Former Classmate Who Made Fun of Him

See the first 25 seconds of the video here:

Interviewer: "Morning Hustle Show we got Michael B. Jordan the director and the star of Creed 3, and you know, we know each other, we go way back all the way to Chad Science in Newark..."

Michael: "Oh, yeah."

Interviewer: "Okay?"

Michael: "You called me the corny kid right?"

Interviewer: "Nah, I did not say that. Misquoted for sure."

Michael: "No, no, I heard it."

Interviewer: "No, you did not hear me say, I said we used to make fun of the name."

Michael: "Wassup? Wassup? Yeah."

Then, a little later:

Interviewer: "Favorite restaurant."

Michael: "Whatever hotel I'm in, their restaurant."

Michael: [Starts walking away, ending the interview himself.]

Interviewer: "Well, you're not corny anymore."

And, see his face after that exchange:

Some scattered thoughts:

  • Michael should've gone assertive: seemingly wanting to address it but doing it behind the facade of smiles and laughing came across low-power to me. It seemed like he didn't want to just walk away because he was there to promote the movie that he and many others worked hard on, so throwing away the chance at promotion would've affected more than only him. (Plus, it looked like he wanted his small revenge.) But, in that case, the high-power route might've been to address it directly (even with simple frame surfacing and a judge power move, such as "Why did you call me corny on your show? That wasn't very nice.") and then moving the conversation to the interview questions when he was ready ("Yeah, let's be nice to each other, there's no need for that. What's your first question?").
  • The interviewer should've apologized: she could've saved the interview by doing her part to make Michael feel whole again. Instead, she tries to make up for her rudeness by judging him again, saying he's no longer corny, and then laughing loudly at the camera as she walks off (as if she didn't care).

Now, the main reason why the interviewer didn't apologize might've been because she wasn't the exact one who called him corny. It was the interviewer's co-host who actually made the comment (see the first 14 seconds here):

Eva: "I think that Michael B. Jordan is just like a nice, corny guy. And, I don't mean that as a slight, right? I mean we all know that the nice, corny guys treat you the best."

That's not a positive comment to me.

It's an objectively negative comment twisted to sound good.

That's like saying:

  • "I think she's a nice, overweight girl...and, we all know that the overweight girls cook the best food."
  • "I think he's a kind, boring person...and we all know that the boring ones cause the least drama."

But, this interviewer still chose to take responsibility for the comment on her co-host's behalf (not throwing her under the bus by saying "it was Eva who said that"), and so I feel she also made it (in part) her responsibility to apologize on her co-host's behalf now too.

Especially, since she admitted that she actually did make fun of Michael B. Jordan back in high school along with her other classmates (which it seems he didn't forget).

So, I believe an apology was still warranted from her here and nearly all of the comments I've read across different videos agree:

Happy to read any thoughts.


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