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Mirroring at work


I experience excessive mirroring at work that instead of me "feeling good" about it, it's becoming irritating. They mirror me like company wide with multiple people.

Is that even normal?

Does it say anything about my performance? Added that my performance is high, I think they want me to feel welcomed or happy. But I'm not receiving it that way...


Hi Einstein,

Welcome to the forum!

Would you be able to give a concrete example for us to put things into context and perspective?

For example, do you mean that people tend to copy your words and body language during meetings?
Or people steal your ideas?

tend to copy my words and body language during meetings, on multiple occasion for a long period of time...(like several months)

Difficult to say much about this without clear examples or without watching the interaction.

However, some people, especially the Machiavellians, the strategists, and the naturally "social chameleons" tend to mirror those whom they admire and/or who have power -not sure this is the case-.

Also, keep in mind that not everything that appears, is.

Such as, I'd also make sure you're not exaggerating the extent of what's happening.
It definitely seems an odd behavior that people would go out of their ways to mirror you, so the possible wrong read of the situation is something to keep in mind.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Great, thank you!