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Moderator profile names are in blue (i.e. showing as member profiles)

I tried clearing my cache, switching devices, and even saw the same when I logged in on a library computer:

They used to be red, does anyone else see this on their side?

Yes, I confirm they switched to blue some days ago.

Yes, confirm the switch to blue.

The forum software developer apparently made a small mistake:

I didn't like the red color and in the beginning even preferred it "same color for all", albeit I think there can be advantages to recognizing the mods with a different color.

Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

Yeah, I mainly liked being able to see/find Lucio's posts easily so if I was low on time, I could quickly skim those threads and his thoughts in them.

But, I also think there's a good advantage to keeping it blue that "everyone is (and therefore displayed as) equal".

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