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My 14 YO son is shy: how can I hep him increase his confidence?

I am the father of a 4 years old boy and we recently moved to a new city to start a new life.
He joined an international school but I found he is too shy to be in front of people and talk and communicate with his classmates and also teachers.
I would like to seek any support/advice or program to help m son adapt to the new environment and be confident in front of people to talk. Do you have any advice?

As usual: I can't give accurate advice without knowing the background fully well.

On average, if it's normal shyness, then it's possible you are worrying too much.
The kid is a new environment, new city, a very different culture... It sounds quite normal.

From a more general perspective, there is little correlation between "confidence" as a 14YO and success in life.
If a kid remains isolated, it might be the sign of a different way of relating to the world, and that cuts both ways: many mavericks and very successful people didn't fit in at school.
Since the digital revolution, this has become a world that provides ample opportunities for the shier, more introvert and less outgoing ones.

Finally, it can be dangerous for parents to place too high demands on children. And looking like you are worrying too much is similar: it can make the child feel "defective", which only isolates him further because he feels he has no connection not even to his parents.
And it can make him feel like the love he gets is contingent on him being just like the parents want him to be.

That's the first thing I would look into: is it possible you are worrying too much and putting too much pressure on a young boy?
Maybe that's not the case, but it's worth looking into.

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