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New coaching product (idea / project)

I'm thinking of a new coaching product based on real-life audio (or video, when possible).

The idea came first as an add-on to Seduction University.
Guys would record conversations and dates and get feedback (I've tried it as a service myself and it was extremely helpful, that's why I wanted to offer it here).

And now I'm thinking to expand it to any other social setting, from friends' conversations to pay rises to board meetings, to difficult conversations, etc. etc.

Some of these audios I'll pass it along to someone with deep expertise in the field, while some I'll do myself for learning purposes.

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This can also work for onboarding new business development representatives who need to sharpen their cold calling persuasion skills 🙂

I am doing this for my voice training at the moment.
Asynchronous feedback via WhatsApp.

Generally, the outline was

  • A comprehensive breakdown of my voice and roadmap with the course
  • Daily feedback for specific segments for the roadmap

I send a 1-5 minute clip of my voice over and he feedbacks with a short audio clip in return.

Now it's more enunciation and pronunciation rather than vocal techniques though (although they overlap).

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