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New Courses?

A new or recent video that was apparently posted after Covid in the Frame Control part of the Power University Course mentions a separate course devoted exclusively to frame control.

Is this new frame control course available for purchase?

If yes, the course is currently available: Does it go into more depth and detail than the 2 lessons/modules on frame control in Power University?

If no, the course is not available: When will it be?

Also: Is there a Seduction University course currently available?  IF not, when will it be?

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Matthew Whitewood

Hello SS,

So far published are only Power University, and Career University.

Content Roadmap

Next in the roadmap:

  1. Power University system upgrade (this week)
  2. Power University content update (starting this week, maybe 10 days long or so)
  3. Power University Machiavellianism lesson
  4. Power University Machiavellianism quiz

Career University will be rebranded as "Business University", together with new content.


  1. Seduction University - working on that begins after PU upgrade, don't want to put a timeline yet
  2. Dating Power Dynamics upgrade - the two will go together
  3. New audiobook for Dating Power Dynamics - I'm thinking to have it read by an actual actor, we'll see


  • Ultimate Power - update, new content

More long term, eventually each Power University module will be spun off into its own course.

The spin-off courses are "for those who want more".

PU will always remain the "80% of the Pareto 80/20", and the quickest way to gain a solid foundation of power dynamics, life strategies, and Machiavellianism.

Business Perspective

From a business perspective:

  1. PU moves to a "subscription pricing model" + optional "one-off"
  2. The bonus modules will probably unlock after one month
  3. Ultimate Power will be offered as an add-on, rather than being included

Plus a few things that are still in "idea" phase and a few smaller things here and there.

Needless to say, those who already have access, maintain access anyway, and the ebook previous buyers also receive the updated versions.

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