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New pricing model soon: installments (or one-off)

With the change of course provider, I'm also planning to change the pricing model.

The current model of only paying upfront limits the total amount that Power University can be marketed at.

Above a certain threshold, I believe one must offer the chance for installments, lest he will price out too many prospects.

Albeit there was no strict "need" for the new pricing as I'm not planning to hire, I believe it's time for the move because:

  1. Power University is a premium course that is being marketed below fair value: I've taken several premium courses, and PU is definitely one of the top dogs available (some are better in terms of presentation  / marketing / polishing of the videos, but PU makes up points in content). And with an important USP advantage coming from its very groundbreaking nature.
    Pricing it below premium level might actually undermine this website, and PU's potential contribution
  2. It's a necessary step for the business & mission: My current "chill & carefree" approach to business is a risk to the business itself and, as a consequence, to the goal of codifying power dynamics. A few recent and totally random spikes and drops in traffic were a good wake-up call. A war chest is a smart insurance policy to keep operating even in case of prolonged slumps

I'm thinking amounts of either 97, 99, or 147, on 6, 9, or 12 installments.

The one-off option will probably be at a discount compare to the total amount of the installments.

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