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On the idiocy of forcing gender equality: the restrooms in Sweden

Recently I traveled to Sweden for a Toastmasters contest at district level.

Soon after landing I searched for a restroom to take a quick leak. But it wasn't going to be quick: there was a queue of at least 10 minutes in the first restroom out of the gates.

"Idiots, going for the very first one", I thought as I kept walking for the second.
Yep, I was sure the next ones were going to be a cue-less breeze.

But the second was the same.

And so was the third.

What was going on here...

Well, I soon realized what was going on.

The restrooms were undifferentiated between men and women.
There was only one restroom, a small single stall, both for men and women. So men who only needed to take a quick piss had to wait in the queue with the women to get a whole stall all for themselves.

Basically, Sweden's "solution" was this: it's unfair that men can use restrooms faster. Let's make all the same instead. And instead of trying to improve people's lives, let's make EVERYONE miserable.

Facepalm :S.

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