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Online Dating

Hi Lucio,

I made a couple posts recently as a Guest and asked some questions about Frame Control. I'm now signed in and looking forward to being more active in the forum.

Logically speaking, our most valuable asset is time which is why I see online dating as a system for an individual's dating life that also gives them their time back.

I've seen PUAs attempt to crack the code to online dating by heavily advertising their "value" (or the qualities they hold that women find most attractive) on their profile:

  • Physical Looks (Tall, Handsome, Muscular, etc.)
  • Masculine Energy (Assertiveness, Dominance, Confidence)
  • High Status (Wealth, Connections)
  • Good Game (Emotional Intelligence, Good Sense of Humor, Good at Flirting, etc.)

A quick example is Jon Anthony's system for more success at online dating over at Masculine Development. He calls it: The Tinder Code.

I recently came across a man encouraging a different approach to online dating. One where you leverage the "emotional highs" a girl feels through more "sensational" and gripping text messages to build attraction rather than marketing your other more external qualities.

Here is an example:

Best Tinder Opener by Endless Options

The man recommending this approach's name is Jesse over at Endless Options. As far as I know, he doesn't have an official name for his online dating system.

I'd like to open up the floor for conversation on these two slightly different methods to succeed in online dating.


Stay powerful,


P.S. All links attached to this post will direct you to the dating systems in reference.

Funny, I was just thinking about posting my method -and an update on it- these very days.

I might do it in the next days when I got a better connection (I'm on mobile now).

Albeit I'm a bit ambivalent about this stuff as I think I'm transitioning out of this purely "short-term/casual sex phase".

My style anyway is to cut everything to the bones and minimize investment as much as possible (ie: go out to meet her and walk together back home, that's it).

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

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As I'm sure you all already know, online dating has become even more popular now due to the carnivorous. People are now using COVID-19 specific bios to get more matches on Tinder.

Here's one that was sent to me from a guy that just bought a course in online dating:

His results:

I thought this would be interesting to share, especially since when I think about the quarantine being an opportunity, I was thinking more along the lines of growing your personal power, not exactly finding love.

Still, once again, people are setting the bar high in terms of taking a point in time that encourages our lazy side and staying focused on how to make the most of our situation. Awesome 🙂


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Lucio Buffalmano

I just saw Lucio's post here where he mentions he might post some material about his online dating strategies.  Here's hoping he does so.  I will add that online dating seems like a topic in need of one of Lucio's awesome meta summaries.

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Many of you have seen my reviews on Ramit Sethi's work.

His program, How to Talk To Anybody, was OK since I still consider myself a beginner. But, more interesting than his conversational skills, is his copywriting skills.

His copy is very persuasive and, lately, he's been sending me some content on how he's applying his copywriting to dating for friends of his.

Here's an example of a Tinder profile he sent me that he said had "amazing copy":

And, an OKCupid profile that Ramit actually rewrote for a co-worker of his:


The problems Ramit listed about his co-worker's profile:

  • "Too many boring cliches: 'I spend a lot of time thinking about how to be happy”
  • "ZzZzzzzZ: 'On a regular Friday night I hang out with some friends and have a drink or four' (hint: show, don’t tell)"
  • "Weird phrase that sounds odd: '…Took some kids up some mountains in France for a bit…"


Ramit claims this led to his co-worker getting 4x more dates after the changes.

One example of a message his co-worker received after he changed the copy on his profile:

Feeling a little inspired today. I don't consider Ramit a dating expert, I think he likes to allude to being good with women sometimes because of his "advanced social skills". But, he's still using the expertise he does have to make an impact, however big or small. And, I admire that.

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Matthew Whitewood

Thanks for sharing Ali.
That looks like quite an improvement that Ramit added for his friends.
It seems that Ramit improves upon a profile by painting a picture of one's personality, lifestyle, and dates in a vivid fashion.

I had no idea OkCupid had such long profiles.
I wonder if women would read the whole profile.
Maybe the top paragraph is what's most important.

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Ali Scarlett