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Pdf of all book summaries: is it available?

Hi Lucio,

First of all: geest content! I saw you have a lot of interesting summaries on your website. Do you by any chance sell a pdf package with all the summaries? Or did I miss something on the website? I did look for it but I could not find it.

Thanks in advance. (:


Hello vb,

There is not such a product/option so far.

I am aware some other websites that publish book reviews offer it as an option to download the whole library, but I haven't seriously considered doing the same so far.

Part of the reason is that I see it as far more useful to review them online, since I often add links I consider important, and sometimes even video examples.
If the goal of having a PDF is to print them and/or to read them on a device like an ebook reader, you'd lose the opportunity of quickly opening new links, or playing a video.


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