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Physical self-defense power dynamics & strategies

Quote from Lucio Buffalmano on March 11, 2021, 5:38 pm

Choose humiliation over brawl & Give them the feeling of power

Would you personally feel humiliated to let a mugger take the money in the cash register?

Hmm I didn't of it this way.
I would probably not.
I confused being power-down with humiliation.
But those are 2 different things: one is external while one is internal.

Though I would feel that I am letting someone get away with aggression.
Probably, this is a bit irrational in this example.

I think this is the case where submission could be a better strategy.
Taking an objective & long-term view, we could definitely earn what's in the cash register back.

I was thinking if there is a way to de-escalate the situation and not give the robber anything.
For example, using 1 minute of verbal tactics followed by compliance if everything fails.
I believe most people will not shoot you if you try talking for a minute.

Making Up A False Context to Corner the Robber

I'm thinking if making up a false context would work:

You: The police is right outside.
There's no escaping.
If you put down the gun, we can both leave this place in peace.

Maybe the robber will hold you hostage which makes this a bad idea.

We might go down that road on some cases.

For example, when defending very valuable personal property, or defending against home invasion, or potential kidnapping.

But in my opinion, the situation doesn't call for any of that as it's a much simpler case.

How could you justify the increase of even a mere 5% of your personal risk, to save small-time property of your employer, that is probably also insured (and which it's also possible might be later recovered if police catches him)?

Even at a "cold" calculation level, your life over the rest of your life is worth millions. The more driven and high quality you are, the higher the worth.
Losing your life would bring all your future income, and all the future value you add to the world, to zero.

Now add the emotional side, and your personal life is close to invaluable.

How can you justify even a small increase of risk against your life, to protect what is basically pocket money?

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