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Power awareness: "This is a power move"

Hello guys,

in learning Power awareness, I think one important step is to be able to identify a power move. It's ok not to be able to react or not react to it. However, the first step is to recognize a power move.

So now, when I see a power move: I'm thinking: "this is a power move" or retrospectively: "this was a power move".

Then, I'm able to think how I could have reacted to it so when the next time come, I'll be able to respond to it.

Simple, but effective thought.


Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Good on John.

Absolutely, it all must start with awareness.

And this might indeed help develop that awareness (plus better future behavior by kicking off the "reflection and strategizing" stage).

Curious to read if you'll confirm its usefulness going forward.

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John Freeman
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Thanks for your answer! I'll let you guys know by including it in my future posts.

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