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"Power University" instead of "Social Power"?

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I was thinking to rename the course.

And one possible title I've been mulling over is "Power University".

If you guys have any opinion on it, do let me know 🙂

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John Freeman
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Hi Lucio,

That has a really nice ring to it.

Most of the courses out there that sound like they have the most credibility have the word "university" in them such as:

  • Impact Theory University by Tom Bilyeu
  • Charisma University by Charlie Houpert

You could even design your own certificate that unlocks after all the course materials and graded assignments have been completed since those are both things that you have in the course already.

The word "university" gels well with your teacher image too :).

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Lucio Buffalmano

Great Idea, I would just add "Social .." otherwise I think it might not attract the kind of people you are intending to attract (bad to be good, which I agree). My 2 cents. Your call.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Thank you guys!

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John Freeman
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Hi Lucio,

I've been thinking about the name Power University lately and something about it stuck with me.

I feel like when you compare the name "Social Power Course" to "Power University" the latter feels like more of a commitment. It makes me feel more compelled to finish it and see it through to the end while Social Power Course feels like it can be less of a priority in my day.

It reminds me of a short analogy I was given while listening to the audiobook The Way to Will-Power by Henry Hazlitt about your willpower being connected to your desires. I feel like using the word "university" would make finishing the course more desirable than the all too common desire to give in to the distractions and activities that prevent productivity.

In other words, when I think Social Power Course, I think about everything else that needs to get done in addition to the course. When I think "Power University", I think: mandatory night school that needs its own block of time in my schedule.

Maybe I only feel this way because I'm making index cards to memorize the course material, does anyone else feel the same way?


Thank you, Ali, that was very helpful!

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I'd like to add to this thread with some valuable information I recently gained from another mentor of mine. I think it's a wonderful concept that may be applicable to current and future The Power Moves (TPM) products.

He taught me what he calls the 4 P's. One of these P's is Pain.

What he teaches is to sell your ideal customer the “chocolate-covered broccoli”. Don’t sell them what they need, but don’t know they need. Sell them what they want, then give them what they need.

For example, say you have back pain. A great way to relieve back pain is to increase your core strength, but most people don't know that. The back pain relief is the chocolate, it's what your ideal customer wants. The core strength is the broccoli, it's what your ideal customer needs but doesn't know they need.

So, you name your course "Core Strength" and can't understand why you're making sales but some aren't happy with your product when they get inside because it focuses so much on back pain. It's because the people you made this course for, your actual ideal customers, aren't looking for a course titled "Core Strength", they're looking for a course titled "Back Pain Relief". They're looking for chocolate.

Conversely, now, Lucio sells people what they want (power/chocolate), then gives them what they need (lessons on nonverbal body language, frame control, etc. This is the broccoli).

He doesn’t do it the other way around, selling people what they need (lessons on social interaction), but don’t know they need.


If people who want power (chocolate) see a course called "Social Power", you're selling them broccoli. Something they need but don't know they need. So, you're missing your ideal customers the same as if the name was "Dominant Nonverbal Body Language Power" or something. Your ideal customer is looking for information on power, seeing information on communication, and doesn't know that they go hand in hand. So what do they do? They walk away.

Now, when people see Power University and that beautiful tagline, "The #1 world course on power," they're hooked because they're seeing what they want. They're seeing chocolate. Then, when they get inside the course, they get what they need (the broccoli) and walk away with the results they were looking for on top of a happier social life.

So, can this concept be applied to other and future TPM products?

What about Dating Power Dynamics? Is it common knowledge that an understanding of power dynamics is important for dating success—or that there even are power dynamics in dating...

...or are the masses of men already convinced that they just need to know a couple of better pickup lines and little more "game"?

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Lucio BuffalmanoKellvoStef

This is such a great way of putting it, Ali!

Loved it.

As a matter of fact, I was in the process of turning that ebook into a course, and for now, I gave it the name "Seduction University".
But I'm looking into other options. The product goes deeper, as it explains the intersexual dynamics, including opportunities for manipulation and cheating, and developing smart strategies for achieving a win-win.

Can the chocolate be too much?

That post also made me think about a question I've often grappled with:

  1. Can one overdo the marketing/chocolate to the point where it feels sleazy and fake, and you lose customers?
  2. Should you pitch your product more honestly, even if means less sales?
  3. Is differentiating yourself with less sleazy/chocolate-y a good long-term strategy?

Just these days I've met two guys with products in the self-development space.
One was "school of squirting", and the other was a texting product.

Their marketing was some of the most chocolat-ey you'd ever see.
And you've probably seen something similar already. The videos that you can't fast forward, that will "come down soon", that will make the girl come to you begging with "just these 3 texts", and that it will work "no matter whether she's friend-zoned you, ghosting you, or whatever" :).

Maybe the product is even good (albeit I wasn't impressed by the free articles) but that marketing will just not make me buy it.

Calibrating the chocolate to the audience

So I think there are different classes of people for which different positioning works better.

The more well-informed and critical-thinking guys will probably be turned off by too much chocolate. But still, some will still buy it because they will think "OK, this is the chocolate for the more gullible guys, but I know the product is good, so I'll go for it anway".

Plus, the guy who are not so well-informed and critical-thinking outnumber the ones who are.
So I believe that if you're only going for bottom line, the super chocolate might outsell the more sober description.
So far though I've always avoided it. It just felt too dishonest, and like an offense to the audience.

Still, I think we can make at least some general assumptions:

  1. You DO need at least some chocolate
  2. You better put some nice broccolis in there too, lest you're being a cheat (and if the money-back guarantee is real, you'll get a lot of those requests, too)


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broccoli, no thanks? Egg yolks would do better, also they look like gold! (golden content/nutrient dense)


Quote from Stef on September 12, 2020, 7:11 am

broccoli, no thanks? Egg yolks would do better, also they look like gold! (golden content/nutrient dense)


Off-topic (OT)

I don't know bro... Well cooked, or with a good sauce, they can be nice.

It's been a while now, but when I cook myself, I cook them together with my whole grain pasta, and with pesto sauce. Pretty nice result 🙂

Off-topic (OT)


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