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Principles of Success

Hello guys,

here is one more "Principles of..." thread where you can write down powerful principles that you have seen working in your life.

Double your effort by dividing the time

This is a principle that I'm doing now that goes together with the Parkinson's law. I learned it from Tom Bilyeu. The idea is to divide by two the time you allow to do a task.


I'm studying every day pediatrics (long-term goal: be one of the greatest paediatricians of all times). Before I was studying two videos a day. Now I'm studying four videos a day. Simple idea. There is a little of discomfort at the beginning but this is always the case when changing habits.

How to apply it

Choose one of your goals where you had a metrics: write 1 article a week, etc. and just double the amount of work you put in.


This also goes with the principle that "time will pass anyway". So wether you're advancing on your goals or watching YouTube, time will pass anyway. This trick allows to increase your chances to reach your goals.