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Profess high ethics for others, cut corners for yourself

I see this everywhere.

I've been looking into several courses on marketing/copywriting, and the common refrain is:

Here is this great psychology-backed technique to help you sell more, BUT only use it in a truthful and ethical way

For example, take "scarcity".

Everyone says you should only use it "when it's true".

Then, you look at their own products, and they cut corners left, right, and center:

How exactly do you "sold out" a digital, pre-recorded product?

It's either you have such a sh*tty backend that it can't handle more than X concurrent users -very unlikely-, or you're making it up to give a semblance of otherwise non-existent scarcity.

Hence, you tell others to only use scarcity in an ethical and truthful way, and then when it comes to selling your products, you do whatever it takes to make it come across as scarcer.

In brief:

Don't over-trust people who profess and advise on very ethical behavior.
It really doesn't say much about anyone.

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100% agree.

One can only learn about how ethical/honest a person his by what he or she does in his/her life.

I also find the most ethical people are usually those who don't openly tell others what to do, nor (with maybe the exception of extreme situations or very close ties) judge others for what they do, knowing that a lot of personal history/choices/karma come down to it.

Besides, dishonest/unethical behavior usually only gets one the worst (dates, customers, friends, and so on...) and leads to losing the good ones in the long time.

In very bad cases (where a honest person sees the other is really unethical), the honest person will usually just get distance.

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