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PU Assignments: feedback

Hey guys,

Now that PU has reached a certain level of maturity I'm planning to finally add assignments.

This first draft is for module 1.
Next assignments might be either by module, or by lesson (depending on complexity / importance).

Here it is:

Feel free to comment both on the content, and style.

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

The content is comprehensive to me.
I could certainly use this to do a life audit of social and power exchanges.
So far I've been keeping track mentally and intuitively.

Make Closed-Ended Questions Open-Ended

For example, this closed-ended question

Are you being a taker with someone, right now?

can be re-phrased to

Write down all the interactions that you believe took value from someone else in a negative way.
In the sense, the other person felt better off without the interaction.
Asking for favours is okay if done in the right way.

This encourages free-form thinking and people to start writing.

Yes/no questions can be tough to answer for a relatively complex social topic.

Some Phrases Are A Bit Generic

For example,

Take action with a value taker
Pick the best strategy and approach, and do it.

Adding more could help a person choose a suitable course of action.

Something like

What are you uncomfortable with for each of the strategies and approaches?
Can you live with the worst case scenario?

If unsure, choose a strategy that is reversible first.
You can choose the more extreme measures like cutting the value-taker out or leaving your job.

Horizontal Logo from Website's Nav Bar Instead of Squarish Logo from Website's Footer

I have a feeling that the horizontal logo would fit with the natural shape of your header in the document better.

Design & Style

The background and font colours of the titles don't have good contrast.
Black background with relatively dark brown font doesn't seem clear.
I think changing the dark brown to the golden colour would work.

Likewise for the words in the boxes with brown borders and light blue background.
I think a black font would be better even though maybe not as "smooth" in design.
Readability-wise would be better.

Put a Link to the Forum at the Footer?

I was thinking that people may naturally get curious about certain aspects and want to open that up for discussion.
Maybe putting a link to the forum may help people open up discussions here.

Editable In-House Journal in Power University

I'm thinking if this can be implemented in-house in Power University.
Meaning that people can write notes like how they write on the forum.

In this sense, people can study and read their notes in one place.

Maybe LearnDash doesn't have this feature.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Awesome feedback, thank you Matthew!

Matthew Whitewood has reacted to this post.
Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?