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Pull her into your reality, don't let her pull you into hers (be the star of your own movie)

An idea crafted by a legend in the dating industry, it's the idea that in order to demonstrate strong leadership (that attracts women) one must maintain a strong hold of their own reality. Leaving or compromising your reality (your habits, interests, friendships, and general lifestyle) to enter a woman's kills the attraction in that relationship.

To put this another way, pick-up artist Jon Anthony calls this being the star of your own movie (see "masculine polarity"):

Anthony: "Women want a man who’s the star of his own movie. They want a man who’s focused on his own shit, and who’s handling it well. They don’t want to be the star of the movie…they want to be drawn into YOUR movie. They want to be sucked into YOUR world, because for a woman, that’s the epitome of masculine polarity."

Anthony: "When you become the center of your own life, and you make YOUR PURPOSE priority #1, you start to develop the 'starstruck' aura that women go crazy for. It’s the energy that sucks girls into your world…they become fascinated with you, and want to understand who you are. They want to be let into your world, they want to be let into your movie, and they want to be let into your life. Contrast this with what most men do—most men end up chasing women. They put them on a pedestal, prioritize their feelings over their own purpose, and end up repulsing her. If you want to attain the girl of your dreams, you must learn to cultivate your own life."

Yet, while Jon focuses mostly on purpose to maintain a strong hold of your reality, this dating guy offers mindsets and approaches that make your reality about more than only your purpose (a deeper dive to come in the review).

Leaving this here as a note to help explain this concept because I'll be linking from the review to this thread.

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