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Push through the laughter and interruptions when you want to make a point (case study)

A great example from Steven Kotler at Charisma on Command podcast:

Steven: you can go from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 20 minutes, how big is your dating pool, how big...
Charlie: ahahah Ben ... (tries to go off on a tangent making fun of Ben who's apperently interested in the expanding his dating pool market)
Ben: (chimes in building up on the hilarity of the dating market expansion, now it's 2 VS 1, but Steven holds steady)
Steven: (shakes his head and gives a smiles to acknowledge Charlie and don't break too much rapport, but largely ignores the hilarity and totally ignores the offshoot topic to push through with his topic)
Everyone: (gets back in line with Kotler's choice of topic and demeanor)


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