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Putting a Quiz on the Homepage to Show How Power Dynamics Relates in Daily Situations

I realised that my most recent suggestion was confusing because I made another suggestion relating to quizzes as well.
I mentioned this before but didn't really explain it in detail which was why I thought it got buried.
It came to mind again because of the discussions on how power dynamics skills are very practical in our daily life.
Thanks to Lucio for flashing out the other suggestion further too.

I was thinking of putting 1 multiple choice question as a quiz on the homepage.
Or another tab or on the sales page.

This question will be one that easily relates to people and show them how having effective social skills & power dynamics make life smoother in general.
I used the aeroplane flight of carrying more than 1 bag example because it is relatable.

This was a quiz that comes to mind when I was curious about microexpressions on Paul Ekman Group:
(I think he puts Group behind his name to make himself look more credible and bigger)

This quiz made me relate to microexpressions much more because now I can imagine having coffee with a person and he makes a microexpression.

Example: Carrying More Bags Onto Flight Than Supposedly Allowed

Power dynamics is not just for what you typically think of climbing corporate ladders and politicians.
Have you ever been afraid of excess baggage at the airport?
With your new skills, you can sling bags over your shoulders and walk past the air stewardess with a single remark.

Let's say the air stewardess stops you and says you can only bring 1 bag onto the plane.
What would you say here?

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C

As Lucio said, it is important for people to relate to the social problems or encounters and how learning power dynamics can make things smoother.
For example, getting better treatment on flights, in restaurants, at work and dating.

I think right now the homepage and sales page lay down a lot of points on why power dynamics skills are important.
And it includes reviews for social proof.

Maybe what could enhance the pitch is

  • Putting social situations into the mind of the reader,
  • Asking what the reader would do, and
  • Gives short explanations on why & how to respond like what Power University quizzes do
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Lucio BuffalmanoAli Scarlett

Got it now.

Yeah, I love this idea.

I think with the new course provider it's possible to set quizzes as preview, so it might be possible to use a quiz from PU, which would make it easier to set up the "teaser quiz".

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Matthew Whitewood
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Yeah, when I read this thread for the first time, this was my initial idea:

I haven't fully thought out the idea yet—I'm doing my best to think of it less as an opportunity to capture email addresses and more of an opportunity to recommend helpful content (book reviews and summaries, blog articles, valuable forum threads, etc.) based on their results in order to give more value.

Either way, I see a lot of potential for this idea as a positive first impression (instead of choosing to refer people to a course/course sales page, choosing to give value first, a WIIFT win :).

Lucio Buffalmano and Matthew Whitewood have reacted to this post.
Lucio BuffalmanoMatthew Whitewood
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