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Question re website subscription / articles

I just bought a one year subscription to the articles on the website.  My question: What's the best way to for me to proceed if I want to read ALL of available articles?

I ask because there's so much great stuff on there that I don't want to miss any of it.  But I don't see any kind of table of contents or site index.

And when I'm reading an article, there are so many links to other interesting looking topics that it's hard to decide when to "stay the course" and when to just follow the links and see where they take me . . .

So far, the content couldn't be better.  The way in which the content is organized is new to me. . . Any tips you might have about how to navigate this most effectively would be most appreciated.

Hey Ed,

That's a good question.
And since you're not the first one to ask, it might mean... I must do better in structuring the content.

For the book revies/summaries, I'd recommend following the "best books list".

And for the articles, I'd recommend first starting from each relevant "start here" section, which contains what I consider to be the "core" articles.

And then you can sort depending on topic by clicking on each relevant topic from this page:

sorting articles on



Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

That is helpful guidance.  Here's what I think would be extremely helpful in terms of navigating the content: I think it would be extremely helpful if the content was organized a BIT more like a traditional ebook in a couple of respects.

First issue: If I buy one of your ebooks, and I want to make sure I read all of the content in that book, obviously all I have to do is start on page 1, word 1, and keep going until I read the last word on the last page.  It does not appear to be possible to "read through" the subscription articles in anything close to a linear way.  I could be wrong.  Or that may be the point.  But that's how it seems. And I really would like to read all of your articles.

Potential solution: A table of contents and/or site map and/or master list of all articles.  I think a simple feature like a checklist and/or check boxes where you could mark off when you've finished reading an article would be a simple but tremendous enhancement to the site.

Without that, I'm finding it hard to keep track of what I've read and what I'd like to read next. A site reading list is another idea, but that's probably a lot harder to set up.

Secondly: If you are on page 20 of a 300 page book, you know how far you are from the end of the book. And you can make at least a rough estimate of how long it will take you to finish reading the book.

Potential solution: In addition a master list of all articles and book summaries with check boxes or some way of tracking what you've already read vs. what still remains to be read, the articles should have estimated reading times at the top to help gauge how much time needs to be budgeted to read a specific article or section.

I'm not saying take all of the content and turn it into an ebook.  But I think incorporating those two elements would help with organization a lot.

Very good feedback and great recommendations for improvement, thank you Ed!

It's definitely something on my list to opportunities to tackle, albeit it might take a while to get there for the simple fact that what's above it will take quite some time and work (Power University upgrade & Dating Power Dynamics upgrade just to mention two).

Maybe it makes sense to do it together with a website redesign. Something to think about.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?