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Ray Dalio beef with the WSJ: a terrible communication mistake

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Quote from Stef on August 30, 2020, 8:00 am

This is great advice from a tactical point of view to avoid unnecesary conflict/escalations and for your peace of mind.As long as...

Absolutely, it comes with all the exceptions you state.

If you just interpret everything in the best light possible, then there are plenty of situations when you're setting yourself to being played, or to look submissive/stupid.

But if you choose to do it strategically, then it can be an effective technique of frame control, as well as giving people the benefit of the doubt and avoid escalations based on miscommunication.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

When I was younger, I found myself at a place in life where I was completely alone. I became depressed and eventually suicidal because I felt like I was forced into isolation by my circumstances and missed out on getting a childhood due to having to grow up too fast to deal with my constant suicidal thoughts.

Happy to hear you are feeling better these days!

Something similar happen to me during my early teen years (around 12 to 16)

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