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Reading discontent & fractures among people: an example

A real-life example:

Interviewer 1: (sighs)
Interviewer 2: (downtrodden and almost annoyed) we gotta wrap this up
Tech guy: hey guys, I have just two things
Interviewers: (mutter and mumble, feels backstabbing and ganging up against the tech guy)
Tech guy: thanks to our sponsors, that's all I was gonna say (defensive now, he knows the other two are against him and sub-communicating he is taking and annoying them)
Interviewers: OUR sponsor?
Tech guy: sorry, MY sponsor

The guest, Tai Lopez, is kind to ask a question to help the tech guy out.

And as soon as the tech guy explains about the sponsor, the interviewers mutter again "don't get him started on this".

I'm not sure who's being the dickhead here, but I do am sure there is some major discontent in that team.

And my personal feeling is that of disliking the interviewers after that.

They had more power and it felt like a major cunt move to antagonize the tech guy that much.
If they didn't like the sponsor thing, they shouldn't have agreed. If they did, then just accept it and cut the passive-aggressiveness.

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