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Removing PayPal from payment options (temporarily?)

I removed PayPal from the payment options.

The main reason was that PayPal requires a phone number to log in, and that phone number to be from the same country you're registered in.

If you don't, the system will give you endless troubles just to log in (and some more troubles to move funds).
I wasted 1h+ today just to talk to customer representatives to log in.

I don't use sim cards and don't want to use any -and least of all I want to stick to one phone number-.
So that was the main reason.

Add to it that:

  • PayPal is generally a poor service
  • PayPal use on TPM had declined after the move to a new course in favor of cards
  • Stripe is both more convenient a 10x better service

And today's decision was almost a relief.

I may add it back eventually because without PayPal you probably lose some sales.
But I'll have to figure out how to go about the phone number. Until then, PayPal may not be a payment option on TPM.

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