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Forum access change: only for Power University students

As you probably know, this forum evolved from guest-posting to PU alumni.

That policy proved a boon for the forum.

Fewer posts mean less admin work, and more skilled posters means higher quality.

To keep in line with that decision, we will remove forum access to those who opt out for an early refund of Power University (hence: those who didn't finish PU).

The main reason is for quality.

And there are two added bonuses as well:

One, the two latest people who publicly complained about the simple refund policy seemed suspicious, and we don't want potential buyers to get the wrong impression.
And two, it feels like a taker attitude to ask for a refund, not contribute, and ask for more time and value by asking more questions.

Exceptions will appy.
For example, users who stay in the community while being active in both asking for value, and providing value, are more than welcome (even if they haven't through PU).

what we'll do is to completely remove the user if it hasn't written any forum post, or remove access if he has written any post (former is to avoid user proliferation and performance, and the latter is both to ensure transparency, and to make sure that the possible value in those posts remains).

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