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Reward Givers and Punish Takers

Hello guys,

here is an important and simple concept I believe. It obeys the Law of Social Exchange Theory. Here is an example of how I apply it recently:

If I have a great value-adding conversation with an uber driver, I tip him 5 euros. If I have an awesome value-adding conversation with my hairdresser, I tip him 5 euros.

The idea is two fold:

  1. To incentivize pro-social behaviors (wider frame)
  2. To compensate the value given in one form in another as a form of recognition of the value given. You might think it's bean-counting. I think it's not. I'm not valuing "Hmmm this advice was 2 euros, and this laugh was 1 euros". It's more a general statement to tell the person: I appreciated the value you provided me and here is the material proof of it, which is undeniable.

I put in the title "and Punish Takers" to leave open future instances where I'll be able to demonstrate punitive action towards anti-social behaviors.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Hey John,

I like this a lot.

Something I also often do as well.
For example:

  • If a place provides great service and experience, I might leave a positive review online (and the other way around, see this thread)
  • If a cashier was rude, I might leave without saying goodbye
  • If someone is rude in a social setting, I don't look at them as they speak, drift off, or might "thread amplify" on others when they take value from him/her

Often, it's small things, but small things also matter.

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