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righting the ship after a leadership mistake

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Thanks guys picked up a couple of things there.

Looks like my only mistake was to use a compliment in the response.

Lesson learned  And I will remember that as don't offer the bitten hand.   That would make a nice one liner for PU.   Makes perfect sense you wouldn't try and pat a dog that had  bitten you.

How it turned out was the opposite of a power showdown it was a power no show from him.   He has not come in for the last 2 days and told nobody what's going on.

We have the big  big boss coming to the 1st  demonstration so no Time to find out what's going on with him had to take charge and get it done.

Procurement will probably complain that we should have gone to the vendors through them.   I ve worded my boss and big big boss is her boss so air cover in place.   And given it was their guy who folded maybe they will stay very quiet.


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Look like the nasty player may have smelled defeat.

Let us know how it developed

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Turned out he plays the same games on everyone.  And a lack of capability.  I had to step in a lot to get it done.  I know what he wants, how he plays and will preposition it next time.  It won't  look  like  a stitch  up because I will be so nice but it will be.

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