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Salesmen: be ready to ditch the "script"

I'm doing several calls recently.

And spotting several mistakes.

One I've seen more than once is the "over-reliance on the script".

Today was almost comical.

Lasty started listing all the "numbers" of their company that I did nothing for me.

I was laughing and hoping she would get it.


Then I jumped in and said:

OK OK, I agree, you're a really cool company, what I was interested in is...

I'd hope she got it.

She laughed with me and I thought "OK, she got it".

Instead, she used the "bridging technique" to go back to the script:

But lemme brag a little bit more (goes back to the company's number that at this point not only weren't doing anything for me, but that were bothering me)

this is a good example for the recent article about the foundations VS the basics.

The "basic" there was using the "bridging technique".

But the foundational skill would have been to understand my needs and wants, and adapt her script.

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