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Sean Nalewanyj, bodybuilders feuds, & covert nastiness

Sometimes I observe feuds between public figures to learn about their strategies, good moves, and mistakes.

Still, I stick to fields I have at least some interest in.
And recently I was observing some back-and-forth between fitness and nutrition coaches.

Sean Nalewanyj is one of the best guys when it comes to solid information.

And overall, I also think he's more of a "good person" than not.

Still, he may not be someone I'd get close to because of some nasty social climbing and covert nastiness that I didn't like.

For example:

Social climbing on beginners / competitors

Sean uses some real-life examples in his videos to make his points.

Many of those examples are good and/or funny.

However, some of them are of people doing something obviously stupid, or making some major blunder.
Thus, they are "easy" social climbing to look smarter by comparison, and sometimes just outright cheap and a red flag of low morality when the stupid mistake harmed someone.

Same goes with criticizing his competitors.

For example:

Yes, Greg yells and is quite silly.

But with the slow-mo and saliva visible he wanted to willingly humiliate him while also looking more composed, professional and authoritative by comparison.

And he is more composed and, I think, even a better source of information.

It does still feel like a cheap shot, though.

Trashing competitor without wanting to come across as critical (covert nastiness)

Sean making a video about Greg's product (same person as before):

You definitely don't need to watch it all, but what made it cheap in my opinion:

  • Picks the simplest & worst recipe in the book as example: to make a comparison, it's as if someone took the simplest lesson or concept in PU (for example, "make friends, not enemies") and then framed it as "yeah, that kinda makes sense... But do you need the course for that?".
    It's very manipulative because probably the cookbook also has plenty of more elaborate recipes (and a simple recipe or concept may be a good thing, not necessarily a bad one).
  • Accompanies the reviwe with videos of bad-looking dish, and since images tend to "stick" even more than words, many watchers will associate Greg's coobook with trash food
  • Attacks the price tag with a covert frame of open mindedness, as in "I truly believe that anyone can charge as much as they want and everyone's free to buy at whatever price they want (but I still find it ridiculously stupid)".
    This way he can attack the price, while still sounding liberal and fair (ie.: while remaining under cover)
  • Frames the purchases as fanboy support, as in "people spend on this crap just to own the brand name", thus shaming the buyers and indirictly framing the book content as worthless
  • Provides free alternatives to find recipes to undermine demand for the coobook. To make the same comparison with PU, it's as if a reviewer would say "just Google this and buy The 48 Laws of Power and The Prince to save money", which is also very manipulative as it may sound true, while being an actual lie

Overall, it felt nasty and manipulative to me.

For those who can read between the lines, it's obvious Sean really dislikes Greg and wants to damage him, which is already a red flag since... Why do you even hate him so muhc?

And what makes it worse is the manipulative wrapping of those attacks.

Had he come out and said, straight up, "this book is pointless to me and I didn't see any value", I'd have respected it a lot more.

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Ali ScarlettJackKavalierBel
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Super useful breakdown for learning, awareness and self reflection.

I feel like there is a narrow line between exposing the bullshit and myth busting or if you are social climbing, making fun of others.

I like Sean’s content. Him and Mike israetel are my favourite for the no BS fitness and diet.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Yeah, you said it, it can be a thin line.

And whether people stay within that line or not, can tell you quite a bit about them.

Cool you also follow/learn from him, I think he's really good at what he does.

And, overall, I think he's definitely a "good guy".
To me, this was a case of "the last 10%".
Such as, I'd trust to lear from him, buy from him, and even do business with him and be friends.
That last 10% though means that I probably couldn't be a close friend.

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