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Self Development Podcasts?

Hey guys.

I've recently been putting a lot of thought into how to better use my free/idle time. I'd like to like to be actively working on improving myself most of the time.

I often listen to podcasts while I am at work, but they only serve as entertainment. Does anyone have any suggestions for podcasts geared towards character development or self improvement?

Hey Jimmy,

I personally used to listen -and love- Tom Bylieu's podcast.
John is also a fan.

But I loved his monologues the most, and his post-interviews.

The interviews he makes are more of a hit and miss, depending a lot on who the guests are of course -plus he cannot ask the really hard questions to the more dubious guests, see for example some possible snake oil salesmen he's been interviewing-.

But the simple fact that he is publishing something every few days or so also means that his content is getting diluted. And I think that's the problem for all podcasts: content without a begin and end date is almost necessarily diluted content.

This is just my opinion at the time of writing of course, and I might change my mind if I come across an awesome podcast with endless wisdom.


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