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Selling Rushdie's books: "it's an act of solidarity"

Hello everyone,

Small case study. In a Swiss article today, I learned that libraries are out of stock of books by Salman Rushdie. They advertised them more since his unfortunate attack. That means: they sell tons of them. When asked about it, the librarians said:

"It's an act of solidarity".

I almost laughed. Well, it's an act of solidarity for your wallet!

The translated text:

"It's an act of solidary, we cannot let a violent act towards a writers' freedom of speech. But it's obvious that it's always a question of supply and demand. With this increased demand, we must show the customers that we are also in sync with the current events."


"But": negates everything that was written before the but as you all know it.

"With the increased demand": what really is at stake

"We must": frames the situation as a moral obligation (virtue signaling twice already) to show the customers (who cares what they show and to whom? Since when did you ask yourself: "I am wondering if my book store is keeping up with current events"?) that they're keeping up with the current events. The real frame is: "we advertise and sell to the customers what is hot right now. And as many as possible." Plain and simple.