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SEO & brand strategy around relevant keywords ("power moves", "power dynamics", "dark psychology")

Recently I wrote 3 articles on:

These articles help connect some dots within the existing content, plus provide some useful definitions and clarity.

However, they serve an even more important role for brand recognition, brand definition, and authority.

Power Dynamics

That's the top priority.

I want this website to come up for "power dynamics" and power-dynamics related searches. is already #1 for "relationship power dynamics" and "dating power dynamics".
But even more useful would be the generic term "power dynamics". Getting a top stop for the definition of power dynamics would help this website claim the leading role on a niche of social and life skills that had very little coverage.
It would provide authority to this website and, as well, it would provide more authority and rigor to the discipline, which has been largely ignored in self-development and social skills alike.

Dark Psychology

Dark psychology covers the manipulation side of psychology, another area of socialization that received little attention (except for low-quality content and snake oil salesmen).

Getting the top spot for that keyword would make stand out as one of the few reliable sources on manipulation, how manipulation works, and how to defend from it.
And at the same time, by providing more rigorous and scientific information, it would help clear the field from low-quality snake oil salesmen -and I love that-.

Power Moves

This is lower priority, and more of a pet peeve.

The article on "power moves" is interesting and has a few gold-nuggets in it.
But it's more of a fun/interesting article than a core one.

Still, given the name of the website, getting the top spot for "power moves" feels almost like an obligation.
Plus, some people looking for fun list-posts might eventually realize that it's a serious discipline they can learn and benefit from.


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