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"Shine Up, Praise down": the Machiavellian version of "Kiss Up, Kick Down"

Kissing up and kicking down can make you friends higher up, but it will make you enemies beneath.

Furthermore, some people higher up are not stupid, and they don't particularly enjoy brown-noser.

Much more manipulative and effective instead is the "Shine Up, Praise Down strategy".
Such as, take the good work of your team and take all the credit for yourself when presenting the results to upper management. But then, go back to your team and lavish them with praise.

The team will feel good and pampered by your good words. Such a nice manager. But you will be the only one to actually go places.

And if someone in your team does great work?
Sing all the praises in the world... Internally. But never let the word go out of the team. And when you speak to upper management, only tout your own horn.

Needless to say, if you work for a POS like this, you want to want to move out of his team.
Bringing him down will much harder than a "kiss up, kick down" manager.

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