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Shit test example & solution: "come out with my friend. OK if he's a guy?"

Recently I got this shit test via text:

shit test text example

The shit test works like this:

  1. First invites you out with "a friend"
  2. Hopefully gets a "yes"
  3. Then she says "my friend is a guy"
  4. Tests your reaction

If you say "no" right away, she will take it to mean you're overly focused on women and/or that you're only interested in sex with her.
It's a slight triangulation game as well, and see if you are going to overreact and get angry.

In either way, you can hardly win any point if you take it personally that she almost took you out with some random friend of her.
So the way to handle is:

  1. Prevention: never say yes until you get the details
  2. Don't say "no" when she says "it's a guy", it will look overreactive compared to your previous non-committal stance
  3. Say "all good, maybe he's a cool guy", which shows that you also can appreciate friendships with men, a good thing
  4. Then remain non-committal as "you need to see how your other things will develop"
  5. Then ghost
  6. And eventually reconnect with her on another day


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