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Should I keep using my affirmations?

In the book Ultimate Power, Lucio recommends you to do better than incantations. 


An example of an incantation would be repeating, "I'm the best" over and over to yourself. 


He is not a big fan of them because the boost of self confidence they provide is flimsy and short lived. 


He says that incantations seek to provide you the end result without having actually achieved it in real life.


He then called incantations a cheap shortcut to a positive feeling.


What I have been doing recently is sort of similar. 


I write down affirmations, for example:


  • I am an assertive man.
  • I am a social chameleon.
  • I am high in power and high in warmth.
  • I am emotionally independent.
  • I have an antifragile ego.
  • I have a growth mindset.
  • I respect myself at all times.
  • I add value to the life of others.


I then record an audio of myself repeating these affirmations.


I save the recording and I listen to it throughout the day with the intent of programming these beliefs into my subconscious.


As a result, these audio files have made me much more effective in many aspects of my life. 


Socially, I act more high-power, I set better first-impressions, and I create more win-win relationships with high-quality people. 


Business-wise, I take action quicker, I confidently mingle with successful people I respect, and I have more daily wins. 


However, I have become dependent on my audio files. 


When my airpods die or when I am unable to listen to my audio files, my confidence decreases and I overthink social situations. 


I then come across as low-power and my social effectiveness takes a huge hit.


Although I believe my programming audio files are different from the incantations Lucio talked about in Ultimate Power, I would like your opinion/input.


Should I stop listening to them & do you consider them the same as the incantations Lucio talked about in Ultimate Power?


My plan is to keep using these audio files, while intentionally setting time apart from them. 


In my opinion, they are different because listening to my audio files leads to real life effectiveness/results


It does not substitute the feeling of achievement in my case. 


It's the opposite. The audio files make me more successful and I achieve more with them.


However, relying on my audio files for social effectiveness decreases my power so I will work towards no longer needing them, while still using them throughout the day.

I did used to think to that affirmations were woo woo bro science.  Might be something to it


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Lucio BuffalmanoValentin

Thank you!

Hey Valentin,

It seems like you experienced exactly one of the reasons why I'm not a big fan of affirmations.

Personally, I'd try to wean myself off of them eventually, and replace them with deeper / more antifragile beliefs / approaches.

Also about these two:

  • I have an antifragile ego.
  • I have a growth mindset.

They can work... As long as "antifragile" and "growth mindset" trigger the right association in your mind.
Otherwise, you might be better off using different reminders that are more accessible to your mind. For example, instead of "I have a growth mindset" you might say "I value learning" or "losing is totally cool if I learn something from it".

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ValentinMatthew WhitewoodTransitioned
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thank you!

I will replace the affirmations with more antifragile approaches and beliefs.