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Should Power University have its own crazy video game?

Would you play a Power Univerity game?
I would at least try it out!
Nah, I prefer a different kind of game 🙂

I'm making this thread as food for thought in the future.

The question is, what would Power Univerity look like as a video game and, if it was one, would any of you guys play it?

I'm thinking it would be one of two different game styles:


A game where all of your decisions matter, especially (and mainly) your social decisions.

You could even have the character wake up in the morning and when picking out their clothes, they choose from the different style archetypes which will affect how other in-game characters view and treat you.


A sort of game where you have total freedom to do whatever you want (advance your career, go party at night, etc., etc.). And, your social strategy for building friendships and relationships impacts your in-game experience. The more high-quality and high-value you make your character (while mixing that high-power with warmth), the better your in-game experience will be.

Ideally, the best game would be a mix of the two. And that would make for a big budget for this game with no guarantee of a large enough ROI.

Still, I like the idea. I like the idea of making this game grounded in reality so you're learning while playing. Especially, if this game allows for interaction with other real people.

And, this could also be a board game concept where the instructions have a list of all the frame control techniques and you have to use your techniques of choice to get out of sticky situations and reframe for win-win as often as possible.

Would any of you play a Power Univerity game?

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Hey Ali,

It's definitely a super interesting idea/project.

A couple of people contacted me to do something similar via an app -one of them even pulled a power move saying "if you wanna join, I can see you have next level expertise, but up to you, I'm gonna do it anyway" 🙂-.

It would also be a next-level learning tool.

A simpler version, which might be more doable in the shorter term, might be to have a character facing social challenges and having to choose the best course of action.
Basically, it would be a "gamified-quiz".

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Interesting idea pretty tough to code because of all the context.  I think adding role plays/gamefied quizzes to PU would be amazing.  I m about to start turning forum threads into audio plays off a PowerPoint deck to handle the scenario and prompts.  Using balboka to generate the voices.  Lot of work.  The main objectives to detach under attack and groove default responses and mindsets


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