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Sleep: How I Have Been Spending A Third of My Life

***Based on Personal Experiences***

I am interested in sleeping better.

Things that I have worked on:

  • Good quality bedsheets - Lyocell, TENCEL material
    I feel very happy about this for some reason.
  • Exercising
    Running & weightlifting really help in a good night's sleep.
    The most effective is heavy barbell squats from my experience.
    Never falls to cure insomnia.
    However, exercise at night may stimulate you and make it harder to fall asleep.
  • Experimenting with circadian cycles
    Varying the time which I sleep at.
    I have explored sleeping from 8pm to 2am
    I did 8pm to 4am before.
    Unnatural for my circadian cycle and bad for social life.
    Albeit good in other ways like early morning productivity
  • Diet
    Eating well has helped my sleep too.
    And not eating near my bedtime
  • No alcohol at night
    Don't drink alcohol near bedtime
  • Nootropics
    I have been taking performance lab for sleep
    It's not addictive and I don't develop dependence.
    Sometimes I even forget to take them. No issue.
  • Chamomile tea helps.
  • Meditation
    Especially effective combined with a dark room at night
    I do candlelight meditation
    I like the scent of candles too
  • Cold Showers
    A lot of people argue that a cold shower may wake you up.
    Not true for me, I sleep well after a cold shower.
  • Lifting the mattress vertically in the morning and putting it down in the evening
    It helps to condition my mind that a mattress horizontally is meant for sleeping.
    I put the mattress down whenever necessary as well.
  • Air conditioning gives mixed results
    I sleep faster and feel comfortable at first.
    The dry air irritates me a lot though.
  • Taping My Mouth
    I have a tendency to open my mouth when I sleep.
    I notice this whenever I have a dry mouth in the morning.
    I use hypoallergenic tape on my mouth.
    You don't need to tape your whole mouth.
    A little bit such that it discourages your mouth from opening.
  • Sex & masturbation
    Mixed results.

Things to Try Out Further

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