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(Social Blunder) Avoid laughing too hard at value-taking joking aimed at your friends

Value-taking type of humor:

Charlie: (bla bla bla)
Charlie: (towards Ben) is this making sense for you? Are you following the argument?
Benjamin: Can you keep up? (the joke is "Ben might be too stupid to keep up")
Charlie: (laughs loudly)
Ben: no, sorry, I was just thinking about sports and beer, you know. I couldn't understand your big words (thread expands on the value-taking joke)
Benjamin: (laughing) We'll explain it to you later (expands on the joke)
Charlie: (laughing, expands on the joke)

The joke was perfectly placed.

At the right time, and making fun of the right type of situation since it was a funny interpretation of Charlie's words and Ben had been silent.

Still, it's value-taking type of humor.

They're all friends and it's all in jest.
Yet, you know how it is with jokes, there's often a background of truth. And there's still an element of power dynamics embedded. Plus, there are cameras there and people watching.

If they wanted to laugh that much, fair enough, but it would have been better if they had rebuilt and re-empowered Ben after that.

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